With small steps towards Lebanon

This is the first post about a big adventure: we are going to live in a Taizé small provisional community in Lebanon! We are happy for this magnificent opportunity, willing to be signs of hope in a place flooded by hardship.

We are Raquel (Portugal), Maria (Romania), Rafaela (Switzerland) and Júlia (Spain) – four Christian young women who want to live an experience of prayer, meeting and solidarity and to share the life with the local community and with the Christians , who are a minority in this context.

In a divided place, we are open to listen and to be present among the people, aiming to be signs of unity and reconciliation.

Taizé community created the links between us and Relief and Reconciliation Lebanon – a Lebanese NGO working in the North of the country, near the Syrian border. R&R manages a Peace Center and combines peace building work with material help for thousands of Syrian refugees who are living in informal camps in the region.

We will be hosted in the parish of a nearby village and we will animate prayers, interfaith encounters and activities with the children at the Peace Center, which are included in the solidarity project. This is what we know so far, but we are expecting lots of surprises.

We will be posting news from now on, hoping that you will accompany us in our journey by reading our experiences, adventures and reflections and being with us in prayer and communion.

Thank you!


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