Small Provisional Community – “to find again this sense of living, this ‘full life’ of Taizé”

I am Raquel, a Portuguese girl born 21 years ago, in a small town next to the sea. I was still very small when my parents first took me to Taizé. Since then, that discovery – the discovery of the beauty of the Other, of God, of Trust… – shaped my way of looking at life and, mainly, my wishes… Since we go to Taizé, we wish to find on the “real world” the trustful life, full of sense, that we live there. But it is not always obvious, it is a constant search, many times frustrated…

I’ve always been very interested in arts – from plastic arts to theatre, dance, music, circus… On the time to choose I opted for theatre, hoping that it could be either a meeting point of all my other interests, either a meeting point between people. My thought: I can make a painting alone at my office, but a play, I cannot do I without a public. Theatre is a generous art, really made for the other. I am now studying, and discovering what I can do with this, how can I built a life with a sense, a life that worth to be lived, for me and for the others, lived in the trust and thankfulness to God.


In this Small Provisional Fraternity that is about to start, I wish I can find again this sense of living, this “full” life that is so easy to feel on the “Taizé bubble”, but that is normally harder to find in our daily life. Also, it calls me the will “to do something for the world”, something for the one that is next to me, or for the one that looks so far, there on the news, but that I would like to reach… I have no idea what I can give, I know I am always surprised by what I have to receive, and in the end the beauty of this presence, this being together, is enough to fill a life. Through the experience of a life lived in common with other girls, and of a life given to make better the life of a specific community of people, I am looking forward to understand how can I feel and practice the trust of Taizé on my everyday life, on the real world. (Raquel)


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