Small Provisional Community – “to speak about the call for peace”

I am Maria, 26 years old and I come from Romania. 10 years ago I had one of the most b10287033_729238847131600_5032882039498176090_oeautiful encounters, which shaped and led my way until the present moment – discovering Taizé community in Zagreb European Meeting.

In a very important time of my life, as a teenager, I was able to experience what it means to share my faith with others in a context of such a great diversity. It brought me a lot of hope and confidence, not just in my ideals of what would mean to actively live the message of Christianity (surrounded by a genuine feeling of friendship and love), but moreover as I witnessed the harmony of a beautiful and authentic human family gathering.

It opened my eyes, made me stronger, encouraged me to always seek more to understand people and diminished the fear of expressing my love and care for others. Later, I studied social work (I am still studying at the moment) and I have been involved in several humanitarian projects and actions, some connected with Taizé.

When Br. Leo mentioned about the possibility of having a provisional community in Lebanon, I immediately knew that it was not just something I listened with my mind and ears, but something that made my heart burning. With no hesitation I’ve decided to join, as there is more beyond the need for exploration, discovery and understanding, which calls me to take part in this project.

The need for sharing with those who are less privileged and to bring my contribution in a way or another: to listen, to shake a hand, to catch a smile, to cook a meal, to play, to be engaged in the most simple human interactions – as they give hope, strength and restore dignity. As well, to present to you their reality, to speak for them and for the call for peace. I say these things from my previous experiences and maybe I am a bit naive since I don’t know what I will find in Akkar. Besides the work, to be able to pray, to reflect, to go deeper in vital questions about humanity and to look for ways of bringing awareness and action.

So far, these are some of my thoughts, my motivations and expectations, together with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for what is to come. (Maria)




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