Small Provisional Community – ” we can choose to be on the light and to be light”

Hi everyone! I am Júlia, I was born and I have lived most of my 24 years in a town close to Barcelona. I love words, languages, books, the thoughts and ideas that humanity has had and still has with such diversity. That is why I studied Catalan Language and Literature at University.


I have always tried to take advantage of all the opportunities to grow up and get to know the maximum of things. Recently I am learning to give and to be generous with what has been given to me. Because of that I have been volunteering as a teacher in a primary school in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for the last six months. It has been an experience of giving and outdoing myself, of searching and discovering in me new resources, of wishing to touch the deepest of the other, of touching and seeing the consequences of injustice and poverty.

At this moment my life is marked by the year I spent in Taizé, before coming to Bolivia. It was a time where trust, prayer, unity of Christians, solidarity, hope, community, sharing, visiting, reconciliation, joy, beauty, dialogue, simplicity, and the peace I experienced have become fundamental. I lived all of that with others and thanks to others, I understood that it was not something to live just for some time and in one place, otherwise as a Christian it is my responsibility and my happiness to be bearer of that, build it and communicate it wherever I go, and be for that salt of the earth and light of the world.

I want that to move my life, and that is what moves me towards a project like this small provisional community at Lebanon. In Taizé you often hear about signs and gestures and I know we will be that, a tiny sign in this enormous and dramatic conflict, the Syrian war. However, I also know that, from our smallness when we put ourselves available for God, God operates marvels in us, not for us, but for others.(Julia)



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