Relief & Reconciliation for Syria: for the journey of many

Two more days until three of us will arrive to Lebanon. A range of emotions as we are trying to move back and forward between so many realties.

How to position ourselves as individuals and as humanity, and how to carry the responsibility of what is happening at this moment in Syria and many other place in the world?!

We might not know and understand the whole truth, the political games and all the interests, the needs of those who are fighting both sides, the struggles of those who are trying to bring peace. But we know for sure that it hurts. It hurts to see desperate people: when everything is literally falling apart, with no way of getting out and being the next victim – Aleppo – ‘in memory of all the victims, both alive or not!’

This Thursday I met Malena Rembe (the head of the Swedish Red Cross in Middle East, North Africa and Europe) as she has just arrived from Damascus. With grief on her face and an alarming voice, she spoke about the crisis: the situation which gets worst and worst, the loss of so many lives, the struggle for survival and the little signs of hope. She mentioned also Akkar (the region where the provisional community will be based) and the winter which will affect hundreds of thousands of people living in the camps and improvised places. As well, she encouraged our work and assured us of her support if needed.

The will to do good and be involved within our capacities,

is maybe the biggest responsibility and the most we can ask from one another.

Fortunately, there are people and places where this energy is being shared. The energy of love, devotion and care, which goes beyond ones’ personal comfort, stability or normality. I refer to the organization and the group of people who will welcome us in Lebanon – Relief and Reconciliation for Syria. With “a main focus on peace-building initiatives that hold up human rights and dignity for all, R&R for Syria unites different confessions around the commune cause of creating a more secure and productive future for their youth.

Relief & Reconciliation for Syria AISBL is an international non-profit organization under Belgian law that is combining peace-building with humanitarian aid for those affected by the Syrian crisis. We are uniting different communities around a common cause: the future of the youth. We opened our first Peace Centre and a refugee camp school in the North of Lebanon, only 12 km from the Syrian border.” 


We are looking forward to meet  them, be part of their team and the community which will be formed.

And we are ready to go. One week until Christmas and more and more our journey becomes  the desire to look for the light which came into the world, restore it in our souls and carry it further. (Maria)



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